The World Wide Web
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N World Wide Web.
312 pages.
"-Do you think you invented the computer network? Hmm... Sit back, young man, you're in for a big story. You will learn about a conspiracy on a scale that people have never faced before."
Oh, that was interesting.
John is a programmer, his whole life is computers. He truly believes he doesn't just live on earth for nothing. The computer genius has set his sights on the World Wide Web. Which people do not even know about, with the help of which the whole world can share information, as well as receive it from the network.

Let's think with you about what the Internet is. It is a huge amount of information, which is available to everyone who has a computer or a phone. Whether it's an adult or a child. But! information comes in many forms. Unfortunately, a child can see 18+ material and adults can learn how to make a bomb from the comfort of their apartment.

Nevertheless, John is trying his best to get his project off the ground. On the way to the goal he faces difficulties that take your breath away. Does he manage to fulfill his dream? How many people must suffer because of the World Wide Web? And what is the scale of catastrophe that will threaten people?

I'm not much of a programmer, a computer person, and I don't know the nuances of being a programmer, but it was interesting to read where it all started! It was cool.
By the way, the book is new. It's like a gift version: the cover is very nice, and the pages are white and thick.

And here are a couple of quotes:
"- Choose a job you like, and you won't have to work a single day in your life."
"- And children? Do you have kids?
- No. No kids.
- Why not?
- You know, I'm a very responsible person. I suppose it's more correct to think "why" there are children. When there aren't, it means that there just wasn't some important 'why' for them to appear."
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Life is the best playwright.....

You know, if this book had been written in 1991, my blood would have frozen in my veins....

Timothy Berners-Lee is the prototype of the main character, John Wainwright. He is the creator of the great World Wide Web. Not the Internet, but the system linking web servers. The WWW. The system that stores and transmits all the data. But I'm not a programmer, and my post is not about programming....
And the book is essentially the same.
The programming terminology is 15%, or even less. And everything is basic, the author didn't put too much stress on the reader... Author, who are you, nameless?

So what is the book about, you ask?
About academics...about love...about friendship...about life. Such a good story with lots of good people. A story with lots of faith...I don't know if in God, or in the power that decides our future. Lots of thoughts. Right, murderously right.... About destiny, about choices.

Did you know that 14 years before the wreck of the Titanic, a book was written about the wreck of a ship called Titan?

The main character is an I.T. guy). He is a selfish genius, ready to go all the way for his goal. He wants success, recognition. He even works at Zern. In general, a lot of adventures and rash actions await the reader, but the main thing is the bottom line.... ⠀
Do you think the Internet and its resources are evil? Or good? Artificial intelligence? Control over humanity or a way to put power in the hands of ordinary people? A source of knowledge or a way to access the knowledge and thoughts of Internet users?

Is it a science book? No. Is it a detective story? Well, sometimes yes, very exciting plot twists and turns. KGB men, secret structures, etc. Written very easily, beautifully and deliciously.
Very much I beg the publisher to pay attention, and maybe someone will take in the work...
But since every book has its own reader, I recommend it to anyone who loves literature over and about which one wants to think. Who likes plotting and thinking about great things?

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The World Wide Web, in case anyone doesn't understand. The Internet is the World Wide Web. And in this book is the story of its creation. It's the story of a genius. And they, as you know, don't live an easy life. A crazy idea that captivated him as a student needs to be realized. The main character, John, struck me with his drive, his tenacity. No matter what, he pursues his goal. No matter what doubts tear those around him apart. No matter how many times they try to break his wings. It was insanely interesting to read about how people pondered the downsides of the Internet, which has become a sad reality now, even, I would say, an everyday occurrence. Therein lies the relevance of this book. It is worth noting that the love line is also present here. But it just wasn't enough for me. I wanted to know more about the feelings. But this is what showed us that the idea of genius is above all else. I will be honest, I was a little confused by the esoteric references, which were not few. But most likely this is simply because I am not close to this topic. Overall, I can recommend this book. It will make you think about what the internet was created for and how we consume it now. Медина • Отзывы на книги | 10K followers

"There was a strange feeling in my chest, as if while I was sitting here at the computer, life itself was passing by."

John Wainwright is a computer genius who cares about almost nothing but his designs. It seems to John every time that he is close to a great discovery and very soon he will be able to live a real life, but in reality by the age of 30 he has gained only gray hair and made the beloved woman unhappy.

At some point the main character does get a brilliant idea, he gets a long-awaited job offer at CERN and takes on the creation of the World Wide Web. Wainwright is not worried about the possible consequences, he does not think about the future and simply goes ahead. He is not even afraid of threats and attacks, because, in his opinion, the end goal is worth the struggle.

The book describes a rather curious theory of the emergence of the Internet against the background of all kinds of attempts to stop its launch and the career of the character. It was interesting to read about John's work and try to figure out who is trying to stop him and why. But at the same time, the character himself quite often caused irritation with his selfishness, fixation and inability to enjoy ordinary life. All of his attempts to figure out the problem himself were ridiculous and useless.

I understand that such people are the ones who most often make various discoveries, but because of John's character I was indifferent to his fate and I was almost not worried about the outcome of events. But the scenes with the dog really made me nervous and once again I couldn't hold back the tears.
(How easy to manipulate me)

I think "World Wide Web" will be interesting to everyone who likes to read about different conspiracy theories, is interested in computers and the history of the Internet, is a fan of Dan Brown books or just doesn't mind watching the development and aspirations of one person and try to guess what historical figures are hiding under that cover. The book isn't perfect, but it's worth your attention. My rating: 4/5